Structural Steel / Tilt Up Panel Shop Drawings

Structural Steel / Tilt Up Panel Shop Drawings

Timeless Engineering specializes in structural steel detailing for the fabrication of steel for industrial and commercial projects. We are committed to the highest standards and guarantee only the best steel detailing with 3D drawings. By combining an efficient time frame with the latest technology from Tekla Structures, a seamless information flow is achieved from the drafting table to the fabrication shop. Timeless Engineering boasts three priorities—accuracy, efficiency, and clarity on every single drawing until the completion of the project. Fabricating companies, installing steel frameworks for a variety of construction projects throughout Australia, use these drawings to ensure the seamless construction of all steel frameworks.

Structural steel detailing are part engineering and part architecture, and requires the expertise of both industries. From an architect’s perspective, the design and appearance of the future structure is considered. From an engineer’s perspective, the calculations are defined to ensure the building is strong, safe, and accurate. Steel detailing requires both perspectives in order to create drawings featuring precise dimensions for every part of the framework. This precision is crucial as these are the measurements welders and builders will rely on.


  • 3D IFC / DWG Model  

  • Marking Plan (Erection) Drawings

  • Workshop Assembly Drawings

  • Parts and Fittings Drawings

  • Cast-in Plates Drawings

  • HD Bolts Shop Drawings

  • Purlins Bundle Marking Plan

  • Purlins Shop Drawings

  • DWG files to all Drawings

  • NC files if required

  • Assembly Report

  • Material lists

  • Bolt Lists

  • Engineering Survey Layout